Flavored Salt Bundle

Flavored Salt Bundle

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Flavored Salt Bundle

Flavored Salt Bundle

Try out new flavored salt blends. The bundle includes four delicious flavors to unlock the aroma of your meals. Made with natural ingredients from the heart of Mexico. Grab your bags today!

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Four bags of Ava Jane Kitchen Flavored Salt Bundle.
Flavored Salt Bundle
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    100% Free From Ocean-Borne Microplastics

    Colima Sea Salt comes from the Cuyutlán Lagoon in Colima, Mexico – one of the only places in the world that are free from ocean-borne microplastics.

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    Hand Harvested By Mexican Local Salt Farmers

    Our Colima Sea Salt is hand-harvested by local salt farmers and laid out in the hot Mexican sun to dry.

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    Rich In Natural Minerals And Nutrients

    Our Colima Sea Salt is tasty, healthy, and rich in the natural minerals your body needs like magnesium, potassium, and calcium.

4 New Flavors In Our Brand New Flavored Salt Bundle

  • Smoked Sea Salt & Garlic Flavored Salt in a paper bag with blue and white sticker

    Barbacoa Ajo

    Smoked Sea Salt and Garlic

    There are so many ways to use Barbacoa Ajo. Sprinkle it on pizza… over a pot of sauce… or just on steamed veggies. Personally, I like this one best on popcorn.

  • Sea Salt with Dried Rosemary in a paper bag with green and white sticker

    Rancho Rosemary

    Sea Salt With Dried Rosemary

    Rancho Rosemary is shockingly good on lamb… pork… fish… you name it. But believe it or not… some of my favorite ways to use this one is sprinkled over chocolate or on citrus.

  • Colima Sea Salt with Garlic and Onion in a paper bag with orange and white sticker

    Michoacan Magic

    Sea Salt With Garlic and Onion

    This classic flavor duo elevates just about any dish. Try Michoacan Magic on potatoes, steak, broccoli - or really just about everything!

  • Colima Sea Salt with Chipotle in a paper bag with pink and white sticker

    Holy Mole

    Sea Salt With Chipotle

    Tacos and margaritas anyone? The sweet and smokey taste of this takes any Mexican dish up a few notches. Try sprinkling some on watermelon, or use it to finish chili, stews and soups.

All of these flavors are so unique, you’ll want to experiment with all the different meal-elevating combinations.

Even the Garlic and Garlic & Onion taste completely different!

Since each of these specialty salts is best suited to different recipes, you’ll use them more selectively than our everyday Colima Sea Salt. Each flavor is packed in 4oz bags.

We’re Way Different Than The Highly-Processed Table Salt Your Find In The Supermarket

salt spilling out on the wooden surface from an open salt shaker

How Supermarket Salt Is Made

  • Manufacturers pump plastic-polluted ocean water into a giant metal tank
  • They superheat it to high temperatures to boil off the water and algae
  • After bleaching the salt, iodizing it, and adding anti-caking chemicals, they send it to supermarkets for you to purchase
hands holding sea salt above the spilled sea salt

How Our Colima Sea Salt Is Made

  • Local Mexican salt farmers pour freshwater from the Cuyutlán Lagoon onto the salt fields, leaving it to dry under the sun.
  • Once all the water is gone, they use brooms to push the salt into big mounds.
  • Finally, they use wheelbarrows to bring them into a facility for packing and shipping.

As you can see, when producing Colima Sea Salt…

There’s no superheating or cooking (which strips the salt of all its natural healthy minerals)…

There are no giant mixing tanks or chemicals added…

There’s just pure mineral salt from good ole Mother Earth.

As a result, our Colima Sea Salt is tastier…

Richer in natural minerals like magnesium, potassium, and calcium…

And it actually supports a healthy heart.

4 Exciting Ways To Spice Things Up With Flavored Finishing Salts

Upgrade Your Cocktail Hour

Hosting a special soiree? Or just want a little treat? There’s something extra delicious about a cocktail in a salt-rimmed glass. Wow your guests or pamper yourself by upgrading your rim salt. (A Sea Salt With Chipotle rim on a margarita? Chef’s kiss.)

Claim the Grill Master Crown

The right rub can be the difference between a ho-hum steak and bragging rights. Before you fire up the grill, try coating your meat with Colima. The salt draws up and seals in all the juices, while the spices give everything an extra burst of flavor. (The Sea Salt With Dried Rosemary is simply divine for this.)

Pickle and Preserve Garden Veggies

Since Colima Sea Salt doesn’t contain added anti-caking agents, it can be used for pickling and preserving your favorite veggies. The herbs and spices infuse an added kick of zingy flavor (Honestly, I can’t decide if Smoked Sea Salt and Garlic or Sea Salt With Garlic & Onion is my favorite for this…)

Get Crafty

Flavored Specialty Salts make impressive - yet inexpensive - little gifts. Unleash your creative side and collect pretty glass jars or fun containers to fill up with this aromatic salt. It’s such a simple way to delight your family, friends, and colleagues.

Ava Jane’s Kitchen - A Company Built On Family,
Trust, And A Love For Delicious Food

Headshot of company founder, John Cawrse.Headshot of company founder, John Cawrse.

Hi, my name is John Cawrse (pronounced “coarse”).

I’m the founder of Ava Jane’s Kitchen, a health food company named after my daughter, Ava Jane.

Our mission is to bring the best-tasting foods on planet Earth to kitchens everywhere.

Our Flavored Salt Bundle is one of my personal favorites…

I’m so proud to bring delicious good-for-you Colima Sea Salt to you and your family.

Because In my opinion, you should never have to choose between your favorite foods and your health.

  • Colima Sea Salt

    Colima Sea Salt in a grey and white plastic bag with black, white, and blue text

    Coarse, crunchy, moist sea salt
    free of microplastics

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  • Porcelain Salt Cellar

    One Porcelain Salt Cellar on a cream background

    The perfect companion to store your Colima Sea Salt

    Learn More
  • Avocado Oil

    One bottle of Avocado Oil on a cream background

    Unrefined, nutrient dense, avocado oil, delicious with a high smoke point

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They Love Ava Jane’s Flavored Salt Bundle

Ava Jane’s Flavored Salt Bundle is a brand new and improved twist on our original product, Colima Sea Salt. Here’s what other customers had to say about our salt…

Your Flavored Salt Bundle Is Covered By Our 30-Day Money Back Guarantee

Quite simply, if you don’t fall in love with our Flavored Salt Bundle…

Simply send it back in the next 30 days for a full refund.

In fact, just send back the bag and keep the salt.

It’s our gift to thank you for trying it out.

And please, take your time with cooking, tasting, and enjoying our Flavored Salts.

This guarantee is valid for 30 days after you receive the product.

Frequently Asked Questions

How is this flavored salt made?

Our flavored salt is made with the freshest and cleanest spices locally grown in Mexico. 

The garlic, onion, and rosemary are sourced in Colima state. The chipotle peppers are sourced in Jalisco state. 

They’re from tiny family-owned farms with generations of reputation… only found in the local farmers’ market.

No chemicals… no artificial pesticides… no big industrial processing…

Everything is hand-harvested, and processed locally

To make Sea Salt With Garlic and Onion and Smoked Sea Salt and Garlic, we put the ingredients and the salt into the oven… and bake them until all the aroma is locked into the salt. 

To make Sea Salt With Chipotle and Sea Salt With Dried Rosemary, we mixed the ingredients with salt with the ratio for the best flavor.

How is your salt different from Himalayan Salt?

Himalayan sea salt comes from the Khewra salt mine in Pakistan. It comes out as a rock, hard and dry. For this reason, it must be ground very fine otherwise it’s like eating a rock. 

Our salt is moist and soft. It can be ground between your fingers and gives a satisfying crunch and an explosion of flavor to your food.

The Flavored Salt Bundle seems expensive?

When you compare our flavored salts with common spiced salts in the supermarket, indeed they may appear more expensive. 

As mentioned in this letter, big food companies often add filth and chemicals to reduce production costs and extend the shelf life of their products.

However, that’s not the case with our Flavored Salts.

The main ingredient of our flavored salt is Colima Sea Salt. It’s hand-harvested from the Cuyutlan Lagoon and goes through a manual production process.

Our spices come from the cleanest and healthiest sources in Jalisco state and Colima state. They’re produced by tiny family-owned farms with generations of reputation. 

So considering you're getting a high-quality product from thousands of miles away produced naturally by hand, the price isn't really as expensive as it seems.

If I have high blood pressure or a heart condition, can I still eat your salt?

We are not doctors, so if you have a medical condition or are taking prescriptions, please consult with your doctor or other licensed medical professionals. 

All of the information we give on this page is general and not intended as specific advice, because we can't know your specific body or situation. 

With all of that in mind, Colima Sea Salt is filled with minerals like magnesium and potassium, and recent studies have shown that higher intakes of these minerals actually reduce cardiovascular risk.

As always, you should consult with your doctor or qualified healthcare practitioner before making any significant diet or lifestyle changes.

How soon will I get the products?

Once you place your order, you should receive the package between 5 and 10 business days.

How long do the Flavored Salts last?

Our Flavored Salts last for three years. 

You can take your time to experiment with different recipes… and create your favorite dishes with our flavored salts.