I love recipes that aren’t terribly specific. You know the ones — they’re pretty versatile, and you can leave things out or add them in if you want. Certain foods work well with those kinds of recipes.

Rice and eggs are two of those foods. They go with everything and take just about any flavors well, so recipes like this are the perfect for those days when you want to clean the fridge out or you have leftover veggies that you want to use up. It also helps that these are both nutritious, filling foods, so when you eat something like this for breakfast (or dinner — no one’s judging!) you’re pretty full for a while.

I used leftover brown rice from last night’s dinner, and seasoned everything with Ava’s Favorite Burger seasoning to make sure it was both nutritious andtasty. I almost always cook extra rice or grains for dinner because they go great in things like this, and make breakfast super fast and easy while also feeling like a real meal.

The recipe lists the veggies I used, and it was perfect, but feel free to make changes. Literally any veggie you have on hand will work here, so don’t fret if you have mushrooms but no zucchini, or you just love bell peppers. Use what you have.

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