If you’re a fan of drinking tequila, but never thought to cook with it, you’re missing out. It’s especially good for grilling season, since tequila is often an outdoor drink.

Of course, you need to pair the tequila with a good mix of flavors, which is where this recipe comes in. It’s citrusy from the lime juice, and has the perfect spice level, thanks to Ava Jane’s Kitchen Ava’s Favorite Burger seasoning. This marinade will prove that this blend is made for more than just burgers.

Once you blend the marinade, you should let your chicken chill for a good long while — several hours, but overnight is best, so plan ahead if you want the most flavor. You can even make up the skewers in advance if you want (or skip the skewers if you just want to grill the breasts) and you’ll be ready to go when the party starts.

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