The avocado oil gives it that same luscious texture, but the also adds a fruitiness that you don’t get from olive oil. It pairs beautifully with the lime and honey, and compliments the Mexican flavors of the salad perfectly.

For the salad, I always start with a big head of Romaine lettuce, because I like the crunch factor. I cook up a couple black bean veggie burgers and crumble them up, but you could easily add seasoned beef or chicken instead. A few cherry tomatoes, some fire roasted corn, and crunchy tortilla chips round it out. When tossed with a good portion of dressing (seriously, don’t skimp!) it easily becomes a satisfying meal.

I’ve also used this dressing with spinach and roasted sweet potatoes (I can’t wait to try the sweet potatoes with the EVAO version!), as well as drizzled over grilled fish. The beauty of it is that it’s super easy, and you can eat it anyway you want.

How will you use your first batch of avocado oil?

Happy Spring!

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