There is nothing I like better in the summer than a Caprese salad. This is the kind of salad that can onlybe eaten in the summer, since you can’t get tomatoes good enough any other time of year.

So when summer comes around, I usually eat a lot of Caprese salads. It’s a big-time fave of mine.

But even a favorite dish can be improved upon, and I think I found the best way with this bold, meal worthy alternative.

In addition to juicy, perfectly cooked steak, I added the veggie that goes best with steak (and is also delicious this time of year!) — asparagus. It adds a vegetable element that also happens to pair well with all the flavors of this dish.

This is a simple dish with only a few ingredients, so make sure they are the best they can be — use a good quality steak, the best tomatoes, and if you can get your hands on some good buffalo mozzarella, go all out. Do all that, then make this on the nicest night of the year so you can sit outside and enjoy it in the best way.

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