When I got opened my first bottle of avocado oil, it seemed like such a specialty ingredient. With a delicious floral smell, deep green color, and thick, luscious texture, it really does seem like something you should save for a special meal, exotic dessert, or at least your freshest farmer’s market bounty. It makes the best salad dressings after all.

These are great uses for your oil. Really great uses, but, you should not overlook your avocado oil as an all purpose oil that you reach for when you’re just doing some sautéing or pan frying, like this recipe for steak and Brussels sprouts. It really is a good sub for olive oil, and while I still use olive oil in my kitchen, I find myself reaching for my avocado oil without thinking about all the fancy ways to use it, and you should too.

This recipe is super easy, super fast, healthy, and filling. Best of all, it takes an ingredient you may not like (Brussels sprouts, of course, I mean, who doesn’t like steak?) and makes it much more palatable. Delicious even. Instead of steaming the sprouts to a sulfury oblivion, this recipe takes shredded sprouts and cooks them up crispy and delicious in some avocado oil. Some dried cranberries add a tart compliment and almonds add crunch, and you’ve got dinner fast. I would have also added some blue cheese to the mix because I know from experience it goes really well with pan fried Brussels sprouts, but I didn’t have any. If you got some handy, try it out; you’ll love it. Don’t feel like shredding those tiny sprouts? See if your supermarket has a bag of pre-shredded ones; it’s a bit of a splurge, but one I think is totally worth it!

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