This is not an elaborate recipe. It’s doesn’t require a bunch of seasonings or anything extra at all. It’s a recipe that requires a little technique, but it will mostly show you how you can use your Ava Jane’s Kitchen Avocado Oil to deep fry some amazing, crispy, restaurant worthy sweet potato fries.

I have made sweet potato fries many times over the years. Mostly in the oven. There are different ingredients and techniques you can use to make them crispy, but they’re still never as good as deep fried. And deep frying requires canola or vegetable or some other neutral, high heat oil, which means you’re eating a double whammy of bad food.

This is what I love about my Ava Jane’s Kitchen Avocado Oil. Unlike olive oil, it has a high smoke point, so you can actually heat it to a temperature hot enough to get a good crisp exterior for things like potatoes. As you can imagine, this doesn’t work for everything because your avocado oil doesn’t have a neutral flavor; it actually has a lot of flavor, and I think that’s a good thing. But that flavor doesn’t go with everything.

It does go with sweet potatoes, however. And makes a pretty delicious sweet potato fry that doesn’t need anything but a little bit of sea salt (Colima Sea Salt, of course!)

The biggest tips I can give you here are to cut your fries the same size and make sure your oil is hot enough. If you have a deep fry thermometer, this is a good time to you use it, but if not, you can test your oil with a single fry. You don’t need any fancy equipment — I used my cast iron skillet and it worked beautifully.

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