I am a fan of desserts and sweets, and even more a fan of desserts that are healthy and guilt free, like this one.

It can be hard to wrap your head around a chocolate dessert made with avocado, but trust me on this — it’s delicious, and you won’t even be able to tell it’s not made with dairy, thanks to the rich buttery taste of a ripened avocado.

A ripened avocado is key for this recipe, so don’t attempt it until your avocado is soft. Even a little too soft is okay, but don’t try to blend up firm or hard avocados for this.

You’ll blend your avocado with cocoa powder, Ava Jane’s Kitchen Yucatan Honey, and some almond milk. Then you’ll top it with crunchy Colima Sea Salt, and my favorite — Caramelized Cacao. The crunchy, deep chocolate flavored cocao beans are the perfect addition to this chocolate pudding. You can stir them in or sprinkle on top, whatever you like, but don’t leave them out. This easy, decadent tasting dessert will be your new favorite.

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