I love vegetables prepared in many ways, but there’s something about the contrast of cooked and raw veggies combined in one dish. It can be a big leafy salad with roasted veggies, but who wants a salad for breakfast?

This easy high protein breakfast uses all the fresh produce of the season and is turned into a velvety, rich, breakfast that is both filling and nutritious. It’s low carb and Paleo friendly, and with a few easy modifications is keto approved as well. It comes together pretty quickly, and since the veggies have a lot of flavor, I used a dash of Ava Jane’s Kitchen Citrus Salt & Pepper, an easy going blend that seasons a bit, but is not overwhelming. A sprinkling of Colima Sea Salt at the end helps bring out the flavor and adds a subtle crunch.

While you can use whatever you want, my favorite part of this is the baby arugula added after the fact. It’s spicy and peppery, and adds a fresh flair that I love. You can, of course, sub spinach or some other delicate green, but it won’t be the same, I promise you.

I generally don’t use non-stick cookware, but this dish kind of requires it if you don’t want to scrape egg proteins out of your pan. Cook this up before a busy day when you won’t have time to eat again for hours, and you will be happy and full until lunch.

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