Completely unsurprising to anyone that knows me — I love dipping bread in seasoned oil. If you’ve been to my house for drinks or snacks, you’ve likely had something similar at some point.

Recently I had the idea to prepare in advance and make pre made portions of seasoned bread oil and freeze it. And it came out fantastic.

This is a simple way to use up leftover oil, seasonings, and store it for future snacking and/or cheese plates. I used a combination of seasonings, herbs, and lemon to make killer bread oil cubes. To use, you just put one on a plate, let sit until it’s melted or microwave so you have warm oil.

Here’s a secret — you don’t have to use this for bread. You can use it to quickly get a veggie sauté going without thinking. You can melt a couple down, add some acid like lemon juice and vinegar and have a quick and easy marinade for steaks or chicken. The same can be used for a super fast homemade salad dressing — no mess, no thinking about seasonings, just melt and use.

I used Hot Roasted Garlic, Nana’s Italian seasoning, Colima Sea Salt, and of course, Ava Jane’s Kitchen Avocado Oil. But you can use any seasoning you like.

Once they are frozen solid, transfer to a plastic bag or airtight container, and voila! Ready to use seasoned oil that won’t go bad (well, at least not for a long time!)

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