One of my favorite restaurants has a wood fired oven that they make pizzas in. They have a lot of different pizzas and all of them are delicious, but my favorite is a simple one that is just a crust with a bit of cheese that is topped with a big salad. It’s a simple salad — greens, some slivers of cheese, and an amazing lemon vinaigrette. While it’s sliced into triangles like a pizza, you usually have to eat some salad first or it will fall all over everything.

This recipe is a take on that. It’s not exactly the same (I don’t have a wood fired oven or the desire to make pizza dough for a weeknight meal) but it’s similar in that it’s a crisp piece of flat bread covered in a bunch of salad. One that’s tossed in an amazing lemon vinaigrette.

I used spring vegetables for my salad and my favorite store-bought flat bread. The dressing is a combination of Ava Jane’s Kitchen Avocado Oil, Yucatan Honey, and lots of lemon. It’s a bit sweet, a bit tart, but a lot delicious.

How you eat this is up to you. You can try to eat it like pizza, but my favorite way is to pile the salad on top, eat that and then eat the softened, dressing-soaked flat bread at the end. There will probably be a few bits of oil-soaked veggies that stick to the flat bread, but all the better.

This is an easy lunch or light dinner option that is a bit healthy while still being a bit indulgent, especially with a glass of white wine.

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