I love winter food — soups, stews, and braised things. But after months of cold weather meals, I’m ready for spring. Fresh, healthy, veggies, and lots of fresh herbs are on the menu in my house, and I couldn’t be happier.

It’s still a bit early here for some things, but I’ve noticed a few new things popping up in my local grocery store. I picked up some crunchy snap pea pods and carrots without a plan, because these are things you can always make something out of right?

So I made this salad. It doesn’t seem exciting at first, but it’s actually amazing. Crunchy and sweet, with a gingery dressing that is made of Ava Jane’s Kitchen Avocado Oil and Sweet Habanero Seasoning, it’s the perfect combo of sweet, savory, tasty, and nutritious. It also comes together pretty quickly, so it’s perfect for a healthy lunch when you need something quick. It also packs well — the veggie hold up pretty well, so you can dress it, pack it for lunch and not end up with a soggy mess when you’re ready to eat.

For a more filling version, add some cooked shrimp or chicken. I might make this for a spring potluck my family’s having soon; it’s a much more refreshing dish than the usual potato or pasta salad.

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