I love grain bowls. You know what I’m talking about — rice or other grain, a protein, and usually some veggies. They’re easy, healthy, and if you do it right, delicious.

Taco bowls are a favorite of mine. There are so many different things you can add, but my favorite is a good tangy cilantro lime slaw, which I made for this recipe.

For the protein, I used firm white fish. I used cod, but you can use any kind of fish or even shrimp. I’ve even used salmon here too, and it’s delicious.

Before being sautéed in Ava Jane’s Kitchen Avocado Oil, the fish gets a quick coating of two of my favorite seasoning blends. First, Nana’s Italian seasoning to give it that herby flavor. Then, Blackened Fish. The Blackened Fish adds heat, but also flavor, which I think a lot of spicy blends lack. It works well with the Italian seasoning and goes great with fish.

For the bowls themselves, you can use whatever you want. I made a quick slaw and added beans and avocado to make it even more filling. But corn, radishes, and bell peppers work too. Cheese is a great addition instead of avocado as well. Use gluten free flour in place of wheat if you’re gluten-free.

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