Burgers are not just a summertime meal, but there’s definitely a difference between the fast food hamburger you pick up on a busy night and the freshly grilled patty you enjoy on the first nice summer cookout. Burgers are a staple at every backyard barbecue and cookout for a good reason, but by the time Labor day rolls around, you’re probably tired of them. If you’re like me anyway.

That’s where this easy recipe comes in. It’s still totally grillable, but more upscale, and a good way to end your summer barbecue season. These are also laid back and uncomplicated, perfect for relaxing and enjoying the weather before winter rolls around again.

When making these, I thought of the best steak dinner I’ve had — also uncomplicated — and started from there. First, the steak. The best steak for kebabs is something that cooks quickly. If you’re not marinating, you want something tender, like tenderloin or a rib-eye. Easy enough.

Now what to put with it? I first considered adding some potatoes, since that’s a pretty classic dinner combo, but potatoes don’t really scream “outside” to me, and they take longer to cook. Mushrooms, on the other hand, benefit from a short stint on the grill and really soak up the smokiness for amazing flavor. A few onions, and you’ve got steak, veggies, and amazing flavor.

It needed some seasoning, but nothing that would overpower the juicy tender steak, so I chose Ava Jane’s Kitchen’s Everyday Blend. It’s a nice flavorful seasoning blend that’s peppery enough for the steak but won’t distract from it. You get a nice smoky flavor that is perfect for a casual meal. A splash of balsamic vinegar brings it all together.

You can make these in advance if you’re having a party for the holiday, but they are easy to prep last minute as well. Don’t overthink it either — if you have some extra bell peppers or a zucchini, add these to your skewers. Just make sure you enjoy these with an ice cold beer and fresh grilled corn on the cob for an ultimate summer feast.

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