With Independence Day right around the corner, you’re probably thinking about all the yummy food you’re going to eat. While you’re probably thinking about all things grilled, sometimes, you just want something cool and refreshing on the side of those charred burgers. Mayo loaded potato salad, while delicious, doesn’t quite cut it. How about something fresh tasting, but with some exotic flavor?

Luckily, I’ve got some ideas for you that I’ll share today. First up is a watermelon salad. By now, you’ve probably had a watermelon salad before; it’s a trend that has been creeping up the past few summers or so. But have you had one with a dressing made with extra-virgin avocado oil, lime juice, and mint? Probably not. The dressing really plays well with the crisp melon flavor and the salty feta. It’s fragrant, vibrant, and really changes up the salad. The arugula was an added touch; the peppery green adds an extra element that really makes this salad just a little bit different from everything else out there. This is the kind of cool, refreshing side dish that goes really well with your favorite barbecued main dish; it’s the perfect contrast.

Next up is a creamy, herby dip that is way better than those onion dips you typically serve with potato chips. It’s got only a few ingredients, is easy to whip up, and you can customize it however you like. It’s great with potato chips, sliced veggies, or pita chips.

As a bonus, neither of these recipes requires any cooking, making them even better for hot weather.

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