If there is a better cold weather food than chili, I certainly don’t know what it is. Hearty meat and beans simmered with rich spices and chunky vegetables? That is comfort food at its best. There are a million versions of chili out there, and while a good classic beef and kidney bean version is delicious, sometimes something different is warranted.

In this case, I’ve swapped the beef for ground turkey, and added some cubed butternut squash. The squash adds a nice sweetness that contrasts nicely with the spices I chose for this. I skipped the chili powder in favor of Ava Jane’s Kitchen Blackened Fish seasoning, and added some Roadside Chicken to give it a nice flavor punch. A minced jalapeno adds some heat that you might be missing from the lack of chili powder. It’s definitely not traditional, but it its delicious, and isn’t that kinda the point?

For extra smokiness, you can use fire roasted diced tomatoes, but if you can’t find them, just the regular ones will do.

Like any chili, this is delicious on the second day, so don’t be afraid to make extra. Especially if it’s cold and snowy and you know you’re going to be staying inside for a few.

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