Years ago, I stumbled upon a recipe for a sweet potato and leek gratin that was one of my favorite side dishes at the time. There’s something about tender sweet potatoes and mild onion flavor from the leeks. The combination has become a favorite combo of mine, and I’ve used it in a lot of different ways, but this one is new and perfect for a summer brunch.

It comes together pretty quickly if you slice your sweet potatoes thin enough, so I recommend using a mandolin slicer if you have one. There’s not a lot of ingredients here, but it still t turns out a pretty impressive dish — a lot of that has to do with the seasoning. Ava Jane’s Kitchen Citrus Salt & Pepper is perfect here. It’s light and peppery, with a hint of citrus. Nice for eggs, and amazing on the sweet potatoes.

If you’ve never used leeks before, you’ll want to slice the white and light green parts only, then rinse them really well because there’s usually a lot of dirt on them. Their flavor is reminiscent of onions, but not quite as strong. They’re delicious when sautéed, especially here.

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