I love summer vegetables. It’s the only thing that helps me get through the summer. It’s not quite the height of vegetable season here yet, but there are things popping up here and there. Like zucchini, sweet potatoes, and sweet corn. Three of my favorites.

What I love about summer veggies as opposed to the ones you get in the middle of winter is that they don’t require much in the way of cooking because they have tons of flavor on their own. So you can just cook them quickly, add a bit of seasoning, and enjoy.

Like this quick skillet side dish. Because two of the veggies are primarily sweet, I added a somewhat spicy seasoning blend to them to contrast. Ava’s Favorite Burger seasoning is perfect. Made for burgers, but good on so many other things, this blend is one of my favorites, and it really helps these veggies shine.

Serve this with your favorite grilled meats or add some cooked chicken directly to the skillet for a full meal. Either way, you’ll be dreaming of this when winter comes around again.

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