I love soups and stews, but when the sun starts coming out and the weather warms up, I want fresh veggies, even if I can’t get them at the farmer’s market. The grocery store will do, and even cooking on the stove will do.

This easy recipe is full of veggies, full of flavor, and comes together quickly. Browned, well seasoned beef (Ava’s Favorite Burger seasoning for the win!) and crisp tender veggies are the perfect starting point to the summer.

This is one of those use what you have on hand kind of dishes — you can’t go wrong with almost any veggie. I used green beans, mushrooms, peppers, and asparagus, but broccoli, carrots, or cauliflower would be a great addition. Just don’t skip browning the beef — that’s where your flavor comes in.

Use this again: This would be great served over a green salad with your favorite vinaigrette. Try this one:

For one or two servings:Recipe can easily be doubled or halved.

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