I try to eat a salad a day. And when I say try, I mean a few times a week if I’m lucky. But I make an effort, I really do. It just gets away from me sometimes.

What hold me back though, is that while my husband can eat just a big bowl of chopped veggies with a bit of oil, I need more. I need the veggies to compliment each other. I need texture differences. But most importantly, I need some flavor.

I made this without being exactly sure what a Nicoise salad entails. Tuna, yes. Hard boiled egg and potatoes. Okay. Green beans. Sure. But I also added some things I’m not sure are supposed to be there. Like a hearty, bold seasoning. Sayulita Steak and Veg seemed perfect for this salad to me, I don’t know why. Something about the coarse texture struck me, but also the way the bold flavors play against the somewhat delicate ingredients. And, I didn’t just blend the seasoning with the dressing — I tossed it throughout the salad, which added crunch and flavor in every single bite.

For a dressing, I used Ava Jane’s Kitchen Avocado Oil, a bit of mustard and lemon juice, with a bit of white wine vinegar. It’s delicate and bright, and again, perfect for the zesty flavor of the seasoning coated salad. I had this with some crusty bread, and it was a satisfying way to meet my salad a day goal. For today anyway.

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