I distinctly remember hating green beans with a passion when I was a kid, and could never figure out why until I had them as an adult and someone served them on the side of a steak. They were bright green, and kind of crisp, with a fresh, green flavor. These couldn’t possibly be the same thing.

Oh, but they can and they were. Turns out, the only green beans I had ever had came from a can. So it’s not surprising that they were mushy and flavorless. I will not eat canned green beans, but the fresh ones that pop up every spring are actually one of my favorite vegetables.

Since then, I’ve learned that canned veggies can be good for some things, but if I can choose fresh, I will. Especially in the spring, when green things start popping up everywhere.

This recipe is a simple skillet dish that reminds me of that first time I had fresh green beans. There are a couple other veggies in there, and a delicious seasoning to tie it all together, and it’s healthy and tasty, and a delicious spring meal.

I think several of my Ava Jane’s Kitchen seasoning would work here, so it was tough to choose, but in the end I landed on the Roadside Chicken. It’s just bold enough to pair with the steak, but not so much that it overpowers the vegetables. It tastes kind of buttery, with a hint of spice, and enough Colima Sea Salt that it doesn’t need anything else. Perfect for a busy weeknight.

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