I feel like I am doing dishes pretty much non stop all day everyday. So when I can make dinner with virtually no cleanup, you better believe I am all over that.

Sheet pan dinners are the best for that, and when you can prep most things in advance, as in this case, it’s even better.

Fried rice can be tricky, but it’s not terribly difficult once you know the secret — cooked, cooled rice, preferably that has been cooked a day in advance. You can use white or brown, whichever you prefer. So if you’re making rice for dinner, make extra so you can make this the next day. Frozen veggies like a mixed bag of peas and carrots are perfect for this, leaving little to no prep work. You can add other veggies if you’d like, just make sure you chop them into small pieces so they cook fast, or steam them in advance.

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