I try to eat healthy. Lots of salads and veggies in general. Most of my days start with fruit of some sort, maybe oatmeal or yogurt.

But sometimes I want something sweet and chocolaty. Not a lot, like a giant piece of chocolate cake (okay, sometimes a giant piece of chocolate cake will do.) But maybe a bite of something healthy and sweet and rich and chocolaty.

Enter these brownie bites. Literally bites, they are enough to hit that sweet spot without overloading on sugar. In fact, they are made with fairly nutritious ingredients like dates, almonds, and cocoa, and then sprinkled with Colima Sea Salt for sweet and salty perfection. They are Paleo friendly, but no one that tastes one will think they are healthy, so make a batch for a party or gift.

I make these up and roll them into teaspoon-sized balls, and store them in the freezer. That way, they’re always available, and you can just pop one in your mouth when you get a craving. You can make them bigger if you’d like, a rounded tablespoon should yield you a truffle-sized piece.

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