Adding fruit to savory dishes is something that’s off the table to a lot of people. It’s sweet, it’s made into desserts or added to yogurt, not mixed with meat or spices. After all, look at the controversy that pineapple pizza can cause (I for one am a fan of it, by the way!)

I tend to gravitate towards fruit forward savory dishes, because I like contrast in my food, and that’s what it gives you. Sweet and salty and savory is a perfect combination, and pineapple adds a bit of acidity, which always helps balance out a dish. It’s delicious with rich foods like beef or pork, which is why this easy skillet dish is a flavorful weeknight meal.

In addition the contrast of sweet and savory, I’m also a fan of sweet and spicy, so to season this dish to perfection, I added a hefty dose of Hot Roasted Garlic seasoning blend. One of my favorite blends from Ava Jane’s Kitchen, this is the one I reach for most often when I want heat and flavor. Unlike a lot of hot blends I’ve tried (and I have a spice cabinet fullof spice blends) this one is not so one dimensional that you can’t taste anything but heat. You can taste the complex garlic blend, and the pepper flakes taste fresh and bright instead of stale and practically flavorless.

In addition to the pineapple, I used bell peppers, specifically baby bell peppers because they are just concentrated flavor. Regular peppers will work fine though. The sweet and crunchy peppers are an amazing addition to the spicy pineapple and juicy steak. It’s a total win.

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