I love popcorn. It’s a healthy, crunchy snack that is much better than chips or other junk food. It’s also so easy to make on your stove-top, and it turns out way better than the microwave kind.

This recipe combines Ava Jane’s EVAO with orange zest, which is by far one of my favorite combinations. There’s something about the floral aroma that is just lovely with oranges. A few chia seeds add some extra crunch and nutrition for a snack that is easy, healthy, and totally delicious.

Since the delicate flavor of the avocado oil tends to get lost when heated, I maximized the oil by first popping the corn in it, then tossing it with the oil and flavorings again. The additional oil helps everything stick, and helps to add the avocado flavor back to the popcorn. It turns into a snack that is not only interesting, but also super easy to prepare.

If you’ve never popped popcorn on the stove, it’s going to look like the quarter cup called for here is not enough for one serving. Trust me, it’s plenty. A little bit of popcorn in a large pot turns into a lot of popped corn. Use a heavy bottomed skillet with a tight fitting lid to avoid burnt kernels.

Once you’ve tried this, you’ll want to experiment with all kinds of flavors to make avocado oil popcorn with. I’ve already got a few more ideas…

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