Let’s talk about shortbread. Usually sweet and buttery, these crumbly cookies are perfect for an afternoon snack, or as something to go with your morning coffee (that’s how I like to eat it anyway!)

While there’s usually nothing better than butter in a cookie, I thought I’d shake things up a bit and make some with another fat, specifically extra-virgin avocado oil (who’d have guessed?)

And because I tend to want something a little bit more out of a cookie, I added some flavorings that I think pair with the oil, like Meyer lemon zest and fresh chopped rosemary. If you can’t find Meyer lemons (a mandarin and lemon hybrid), a regular lemon will work well.

One thing you might notice about these cookies, is that while there is some sugar in them, they aren’t overly sweet. This is so that you can really taste the amazing combination of the avocado oil, lemon zest, and rosemary. You can add more sugar to the dough if you like a more dessert-like cookie, but I urge you to try them this way first.

With few ingredients and only one bowl, these are easy to put together, and they make a unique snack. If you’re looking for something different bring to a party as a hostess gift, this is it.

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