***Recipe courtesy of our awesome friends at PaleoHacks***

Celebrate summertime with these smoky grilled pork chops served over a tangy fennel cabbage slaw!

Every great barbecue needs a zippy sauce for slathering. This recipe makes it easy to create a Paleo-friendly homemade sauce that’s also low in sugar. All you need to do is mix Ava Jane’s Los Muertos BBQ blend with raw honey and tomato sauce, and you’ll have a smoky-sweet sauce perfect for caramelized, sticky pork chops. This smoky seasoning is made with dried peppers and parasite-fighting garlic, and it doubles as a one-ingredient dry rub for beef brisket or ribs.

Nothing beats grilled meat in the summertime. For these pork chops, we start with direct heat to sear and create grill marks, then let the chops finish over indirect heat. This foolproof method allows the pork chops to cook perfectly in the center without burning the outside. You can use this same technique for other lean cuts of meat, like chicken breast.

A cool and crunchy slaw offers refreshing contrast to the pork chops. This slaw has just a hint of anise from the shaved fennel, with cilantro and parsley brightening it up. Mix the slaw together ahead of time so the flavors can meld together in the fridge. If you aren’t a fan of fennel, use thinly sliced sweet white onion or celery to achieve a similar crunch.

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