A good marinade can turn an everyday protein into a dinner you’ll eat again and again.

But it has to be balanced and flavorful to be good. That was my goal with this marinade.

It starts with Ava Jane’s Kitchen Avocado Oil. From there, it needed some seasonings. First, my favorite, Hot Roasted Garlic. This blend is like pepper flakes, but on steroids. It’s got some heat. But it also has a mellow, yet complex flavor. So it always goes first.

Then, some herby flavor. Nana’s Italian? That sounds good. In it goes. From there, I needed some acid, and since lime is my favorite, that always works well.

Now I have spicy and sour, but what about sweet? Yucatan Honey it is. The floral complexity of this honey is perfect with the Ava Jane’s Kitchen Avocado Oil, so that’s the natural choice. A clove of raw garlic for some pungent spiciness, and some soy sauce and Worcestershire for a punch of umami.

Now, marinate your favorite steak for a few hours or overnight. You can marinate it whole and grill or broil, or you can cube it and make skewers. I typically choose the latter because more surface area equals more caramelization, but that’s me. You do you.

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