I love smoothies. In a world filled with pizza and fries, a smoothie is an easy way to get a lot of nutrition in an easy to drink, quick to prepare meal. Little prep and no cleanup. Sometimes that’s just what you need to get through the day. Well, besides a strong cup of coffee.

I make a lot of smoothies, at least once, sometimes twice a day. It can get boring, so I try to vary the ingredients to make it more interesting. I usually try to add some veggies, but sometimes, like this bright red beauty, it’s just fruit. But it also has a secret ingredient (care to guess what that might be?)

I often add fat to my smoothies, usually coconut oil, but when I made a grapefruit strawberry concoction recently, I tried something different. Instead of coconut oil, I added some avocado oil, and a handful of basil leaves, because why not?

Avocado oil is amazing with citrus, and it didn’t disappoint here. Sweet strawberries help tame the bitterness of the grapefruit, but it’s still not super sweet. Feel free to add honey, agave, or whatever you like to punch up the sweetness factor. The basil adds a nice herbal flavor that rounds out the flavor just a bit.

One thing I love about smoothies is that it’s so easy to customize them, so if you’re not a fan of any of the ingredients here, feel free to sub whatever you like. Try an orange instead of grapefruit, or mint instead of basil. Whatever you try, you’re sure to love it, especially with the avocado oil.

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