Even as leaves fall and the weather turns chilly, it doesn’t become apparent that the holiday season is in full swing until you head to the grocery store. In practically every aisle is some reminder that the biggest cooking day of the year is coming up: yams on sale, turkey brining salts, and pumpkin everything.

Yes, the holidays are here, and that means food and recipes galore! While I love most Thanksgiving dishes, my favorite is mashed potatoes. It may seem kind of boring compared to everything else that’s on the table, but sometimes it’s the simple foods that shine.

This recipe simple, yes, but with a twist: Instead of gobs of butter usually found in mashed potatoes, I tried using my avocado oil. Not sure how it would turn out (because, let’s face it, butter just makes potatoes better!) I was surprised at the result. I cooked the garlic with some herbs in the avocado oil and then mixed it in with tender potatoes and lots of pepper. It was creamy, herby, and so good.

As far as herbs, I used rosemary, thyme, and sage, because that’s what I had on hand (and it’s a good holiday combo) but I think almost anything would work here. While I am normally not a potato peeler (takes too much time!), I peeled these because to me, holiday potatoes are peeled, and the results are smoother and creamier. I used russet potatoes, but I’m sure others would work. And no matter what happens, they’ll turn out good, because is there such a thing as bad mashed potatoes?

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