I like a lot of sweet, earthy root vegetables, but I find that they usually need a robust, hearty seasoning to balance the sweet starchiness. Carrots are a great example of this.

When roasted, carrots become sweet, and sometimes candy like, especially the small baby ones that are harvested in the spring. The sugars are concentrated, and can sometimes be too sweet, unless you can find a way to counteract that a bit.

Ava Jane’s Kitchen Everything Bagel seasoning blend is just the thing for that. It’s salty and robust to compliment the sweetness, while the coarse crunchy texture is a nice contrast to the soft, tender carrots.

Now, while I love the Everything Bagel seasoning blend, experimentation has taught me that you can’t just toss it with your vegetables before putting in a super hot oven for a long period of time. Do that, those big coarse garlic pieces will burn, and very well ruin your dish. Instead, you’ll toss your carrots with a bit of Ava Jane’s Kitchen Avocado Oil, roast until almost done, then toss with the seasoning blend for the last few minutes. That’s enough time to toast up the sesame seeds without burning the garlic. You can also sprinkle a little bit more before serving, but you want to be careful — the Everything Bagel blend is salty, thanks the to addition of Colima Sea Salt.

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