I almost never eat breakfast in a restaurant without ordering hashed browns or home fries, but home fries are my first choice.

There’s something about those crispy, salty, cubes of potatoes that goes with everything, but especially something like pancakes or waffles (I know — carb overload!)

I’ve tried making them at home, but it’s a pain to do if you don’t cook the potatoes first, and I rarely want to dirty another dish. So I tried cooking them all in the same pan, and I’m happy to say, it works so well, and is so easy!

Instead of getting out a separate pot and parboiling the potatoes, draining them, and then adding to another skillet, I tried adding a bit of water, boiling that and adding the potatoes. Then just cook the potatoes until the water evaporates. Add some onions, oil, seasonings, and you’ve got yourself some pretty delicious breakfast potatoes all in one pan.

The key to crispy potatoes is making sure all the water is gone and that your potatoes are dry. I like to let the water evaporate, stir the potatoes, and then let them continue cooking for another minute or so to ensure they’re really dry. You don’t need a lot of water; in fact, you only want enough to barely cover the potatoes. Too much water and your potatoes will be mushy by the time the water evaporates.

Then add your oil, some onions if you want, and seasonings — my seasoning of choice for these is Ava Jane’s Kitchen’s Sayulita Steak and Veg, but anything will do. Cook until they’re browned up and serve with your favorite eggs or pancakes.

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