This is one of those easy dinners that is comforting, healthy, and delicious. It doesn’t require a lot of dishes, and most of the cooking is hands off. It’s great when it’s cold outside, but you don’t want another bowl of soup or heavy pasta dish.

It’s a pretty simple breaded pork chop, but it’s seasoned Ava Jane’s Kitchen’s new seasonings, Sayulita Citrus Chicken. It’s a simple blend of herbs and spices with a hint of citrus, and it’s perfect for these pork chops.

The veggies are a hearty mix of cabbage, broccoli, and potatoes, which I find to be the perfect veg combo when it’s cold outside and a cold salad. The pork is sautéed quickly on the stovetop to brown, and then finished in the oven with the vegetables for an easy weeknight meal. Feel free to swap out whatever vegetables you have on hand to make it easier.

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