We’re nearing the end of winter here, but I’m still making soup. I especially love soup that has a little bit of heat to it, which makes this enchilada soup perfect.

Now this is not the same as enchiladas. There are no corn tortillas, but it has a lot of the same flavors, namely chili powder. But it also gets a lot of additional flavor from two of Ava Jane’s Kitchen’s seasoning blends — Roadside Chicken and Los Muertos Barbecue.

The Roadside Chicken is like an elevated poultry seasoning. It’s bright and citrusy, but herby with an umami kick. The Los Muertos Barbecue (one of my faves, not gonna lie) is the best for things like tacos, fajitas, and yes enchiladas. So in it goes.

A bit of chili powder gives this soup an extra dose of enchilada flavor as well.

This soup is perfect for late winter nights when it’s too cold for patio weather or grilling out and instead you’re in your pajamas by the fire.

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