One of my favorite restaurants closed recently, and I could not be more upset. It was one of the few places in my city where you could go get a late night meal that wasn’t pizza or bar food.

I like to try new foods when I eat out, but if I find something I love, I find myself ordering it over and over. At this particular place, my favorite dish was a blue corn crusted salmon filet served with beans and rice. It was simple, delicious, and my stand by meal.

I picked up a bag of blue corn tortilla chips recently, and when I was making dinner, I thought I could probably recreate my favorite dish. I’m happy to report that I made something even better! It was also pretty easy as far as meals go.

One of the best things about this is that it’s baked, so it’s not heavy on calories, but the crunchy corn chips add flavor and texture. A simple mixture of Ava Jane’s Kitchen extra-virgin avocado oil and lime juice compliment the fish nicely. I served this with beans and rice just like I remembered, but you can easily pair this with any side you like. If you can’t find blue tortilla chips, I have a feeling that traditional yellow or white will work fine here. It may not have the same dramatic visual effect, but it will be delicious none the less.

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