If you’re like me, you got your first shipment of avocado oil and immediately started using it in all the obvious, savory ways: salad dressing, stir frying, or pan frying meat or fish. Don’t get me wrong; those are excellent uses of the oil.

Avocado oil is amazing in so many ways, but I think one of the ways it really shines is in a dessert. It’s got a fruity, flowery aroma and flavor that just begs to be paired with something sweet. I’ve used it in a few different desserts (don’t worry; I’ll be sharing them with you!) but this one is so simple. It also has a somewhat exotic flavor that might be my favorite yet.

Ice cream is one of my favorite desserts, especially as the weather gets warmer and the sun starts shining. Gelato, ice cream’s Italian cousin, is also a favorite, and while I’m not sure this would technically be gelato due to the way it’s made (gelato is typically churned much slower, something difficult to do with a home ice cream maker), it has that dense, fluffy texture typical of gelatos. It also relies on milk exclusively, instead of cream, another trait of gelato. For these reasons, I’m calling this gelato, but it’s really a sweet and creamy custard; who cares what it’s called, it’s good!

You may notice that unlike most ice cream recipes, there isn’t any vanilla or other flavorings. While you can certainly add something to it if you like (I might try orange extract next time), to get the full effect of the avocado oil, you should leave them out. I sprinkled a few crushed pink peppercorns on it before serving, just to add a bit of color and flavor, and it came out great. You can leave those off, of course, if you like. It’s the perfect dessert for a dinner party — light and flavorful, but quite impressive.

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