I like things browned and caramelized, whether sweet or savory. A thick juicy burger doesn’t interest me nearly as much as one that is made of two thin patties that are caramelized throughout and oozing with melted cheese.

That’s where these burgers come in. They’re true to their name — small pieces of beef smashed in a hot skillet — but they’re also perfectly seasoned thanks to Ava’s Favorite Burger seasoning.

This blend is truly phenomenal. It’s bold and spicy and flavorful, and perfect against the crispy edges of the perfect caramelized burger. This works fine in a cast iron skillet, but if you have a big griddle that works great too.

Use whatever cheese you want. I tend to use shredded cheese because I find that it melts better, but even a slice of (gasp!) American cheese will work if that’s what you like.

Either way, this is fast, easy, and super delicious with no fuss or fancy ingredients.

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