Gazpacho is one of the best things ever on a hot day. It’s cold and refreshing and is the epitome of what summer should taste like.

This version starts with a base of watermelon instead of tomatoes, making it even more refreshing. Not only that it gets a kick of heat from two of my favorite Ava Jane’s Kitchen spice blends: Ava’s Favorite Burger seasoning, and Hot Roasted Garlic.

Now, you may be thinking, a burger seasoning for watermelon?and I might have shared that sentiment before I tried it. But I’m telling you, it works so well. For real. And not like you’re eating a watermelon that tastes like burgers way. Nope, it’s more like you’re eating watermelon that is living its best life kinda way.

Like most things you make with summer produce, you want to make sure you are using peak ingredients. So get your watermelon from the best place, and taste it before adding it to this dish. While the seasoning is important here, it can only go so far.

Once you’ve got your ingredients lined up, this is as easy as blending, chilling, and serving. That’s it. And on a hot summer day, that’s all you need. Well, that, and maybe air conditioning.

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