The Secret to the Perfect Kale Salad

bunch of kale unchopped
Kale salad never make anyone swoon, and I’ll admit, I use to feel the same way. Because most kale salads you get in restaurants are bitter and tough and can feel like you’re chewing until the end of time. 
I’ve always asked myself why anyone would want to eat a kale salad — until I learned a few secrets to making the perfect kale salad. 
The biggest — and maybe only one you need — is massage. Yes, massage. Unlike spinach or other tender greens, kale is a hearty leafy green with lots of tough fibers. 
When you massage the greens, you break down those fibers, making the kale much more palatable —  it goes from bitter to slightly sweet and tender.  To massage, slice the kale first, then rub the pieces between your fingers for several minutes. The difference is amazing.
Another thing that helps is slicing the kale into thin ribbons and removing as much of the thick stalks as possible, although these will break down as well. 
Mixing kale with other greens also can help it be more palatable. I slice a head of romaine and combine that with a bunch of kale that’s been slivered and massaged for a Caesar that has a nutrition boost. Try it — you’ll be amazed at the difference. 
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