Chicken salad seems like one of those recipes that you don’t want to improve upon. It’s easy comfort food that comes together relatively quickly, is tasty, and filling.

But you actually can improve chicken salad, and it’s not much more effort, but has much more flavor. Jalapeno popper flavor to be specific. With a bit of sweet heat, thanks to Sweet Habanero seasoning blend.

This blend is sweet, hot — but not too hot — and complex. It’s herby and smoky, with a well-rounded finish that doesn’t leave your mouth on fire. Perfect to contrast a creamy, cheesy chicken salad. Fresh minced jalapeños add a vegetal heat, and bacon bits give it additional smoky savory goodness. It’s perfect on crackers, toasted bread, or scooped into a lettuce leaf if you’re trying to be extra healthy.

This is the perfect use of leftover chicken, or if you’re making some for dinner, just cook extra for lunch the next day.

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