It’s been awhile since I’ve been to a steakhouse, but one of my favorite meals was always a nice juicy steak with a baked sweet potato on the side. Something about the combo of rich and savory beef with the tender sweet potato is just sublime.

This recipe is a riff on that. It has all the same flavor profiles, but with a bit of an upgrade. A few sliced jalapenos add heat and grassiness, while Los Muertos Barbecue seasoning blend gives it a bold and zesty taste that compliments both the steak and potatoes.

While you could cube the potatoes, one of the things I was going for here was quick cooking, so instead julienned them into noodles. This way, they cook in a few minutes, and have a slight crunch when you bite into them, which contrasts nicely with the tenderness from the beef. It’s an amazingly fast dinner, and one that can easily become a weeknight staple.

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