Spring is finally here, but it’s still early so the abundance of fresh, local produce has not quite arrived.

Even though it’s chilly, a little bit of sunshine makes me want to eat fresh food instead of the hearty stews and braises that dominate the colder months.

This omelet is my compromise. Full of veggies and herbs, it’s deliciously fresh and a few dollops of ricotta take it up a notch while helping to cut the heat of the peppers.

I used three types of peppers here — bell peppers, jalapeños, and habaneros — but you can use what you like or have. The habaneros make it especially hot, so be careful if you don’t like tons of heat.

Some red onions add some bite, while Ava Jane’s Kitchen’s Citrus Salt & Pepper seasons it perfectly. Great for a lazy morning healthy breakfast.

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