Chicken pot pie was always a favorite meal of mine when I was younger. Rich and comforting, it was something I always looked forward to when the weather got cooler in the fall. It’s like a rich stew, but better because there’s a buttery pie crust on top.

As I got older, I still enjoy pot pies but also like things that are easy to make. I also am less likely to eat a dinner that includes buttery pie crust. At least not on a normal day.

So this is sort of a compromise. It’s easy to make and lower in calories, but still has that comforting top, only in the form of a cornbread topping. Kind of like a dumpling when you eat it. Now, I definitely cut corners on this recipe and used a box of corn muffin mix. I rarely do things like this, but at the time I made this I was looking for convenience. If you have a similar homemade corn muffin recipe, you can certainly use that in place of that. Or your favorite store brand mix will work too.

The rest of this dish is some chicken, vegetables and diced tomatoes. It’s amazingly simple, comes together in one pan, and makes a weeknight meal that is different, healthy, and delicious.

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