You probably opened this blog wondering, “What in the world is salt sole?” I don’t blame you because it’s a hidden gem in the health world. Salt sole is simply water that is completely saturated with salt, meaning the water can’t dissolve any more salt. I’m not talking about table salt here, I’m talking about unrefined sea salt that is chock full of minerals.

But why?

Contrary to popular belief, salt is not the enemy (except table salt, you’ll should stay away from that.) Salt is a vital part of a healthy body—our blood is made of 0.9% salt. Even a small fluctuation in this percentage can lead to illness.

Unrefined sea salt has over 80 minerals that are necessary for optimal functioning of multiple organ systems. A daily salt sole infusion revitalizes you in so many ways and is said to improve the following:

  • Digestion & Metabolism – Drinking sole in the morning, on an empty stomach, jump-starts your digestive system by increasing the digestive enzymes in your mouth and stomach. This means that more nutrients can be absorbed from food. Also, food will be broken down efficiently, promoting regularity. You can’t go wrong with some regularity!
  • Sleep & Stress – The minerals found in sole can help lower cortisol and adrenaline levels, as well as blood pressure, creating a calmer and more rested you.
  • Skin – Sole is full of minerals that fight acne, clear infections, combat dry flaky skin and scalps and promote tissue repair. Chromium, zinc, sulfur and iodine all work in harmony for your best complexion.
  • Hydration – Salt is essential for hydration. It works in conjunction with water, electrolytes and minerals to signal your body to drink water. It also helps regulate your urine output.
  • Detoxification – Since sole is naturally antibacterial, it helps rid the body of unwanted intruders.

Sole has also shown promise in clearing up congestion, maintaining a healthy blood sugar level, eliminating cravings, bringing the body to a desirable pH, strengthening bones, and as a natural antihistamine.

With these amazing benefits, I’m sure you want the recipe. Here it is!

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