While a good steak doesn’t need much in the way of accompaniments, there are certainly ways to make them more exciting.

One is a seasoning blend you wouldn’t expect. Enter pumpkin pie spice — it’s not just for pies. The robust blend of cloves, cinnamon, and warm winter spices does wonders for a cut of beef.

When I was in culinary school, we had a section on compound butters. Basically, you take some softened butter and add your favorite herbs, spices, or flavorings. For a steak, you need something bold, so I chose coarse black pepper. For some added depth, I used Everyday Blend seasoning, which pepper, but also citrus and salt. It helps round out the flavors. Some salty Parmesan for pungency and chopped parsley and you’ve got a zippy, tasty butter that is perfect on steaks. You’ll have some left if you make two steaks — the leftovers are great with eggs in the morning or even spread on toast.

Serve this with a baked potato for a classic steakhouse meal.

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