I know oatmeal doesn’t seem that exciting. I eat it a lot when it gets cold out, and rarely am I excited about it. I just know that it will be filling and is good for you.

Occasionally, though, I stumble upon some oatmeal that I do enjoy eating for breakfast. And this is one of those.

It’s got everything your favorite fall drink has, but also with the addition of fiber and nutrients. It’s sweetened with Yucatan Honey, spiced up with Pumpkin Pie Spice, and has and added kick from a dash of instant espresso powder. So, you truly do get all the goodness in one heartwarming bowl.

You can add pureed pumpkin or leave it out — it adds a bit of nutrients, but the flavor is from the spice. I usually add it if I have some leftover from something else, but I don’t open a can just for this.

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