With barbecue season just getting started in most parts of the country, I’ve been cleaning off my grill and trying to find a just right marinade that will work on all kinds of different foods. With the kickoff of the season less than a couple weeks away, I’ve been grilling all kinds of good stuff using my avocado oil.

I’ve done several different marinades using Ava Jane’s EVAO, and I’ll share my favorite today. It’s made up of avocado oil, lemon, garlic, and a bunch of fresh herbs. I used it on chicken, salmon, and veggies, and all came out amazingly well. It’s got great flavor, and is bright and summery, which is great for barbecue season.

It’s easy to put together, and really gives you a ton of flavor when you marinate for several hours. One thing I noticed, however, was that due to the high heat necessary to get a good smoky flavor when grilling, the fruity aroma of the avocado oil gets lost; I remedied this by making a double batch and then basting my ingredients right before serving. You still get that herby, garlic flavor, but there’s nothing like the floral aroma of the avocado oil when it hits your nose.

Feel free to use whatever fresh herbs you like here; I’m partial to basil and parsley, but I think fresh mint would be nice, and I’m going to try a cilantro version here soon, which I think I might try with some shrimp (I’ll keep you updated!)

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