How I Use Smart Technology in the Kitchen

It’s no secret that we live in a world where things change fast. Technology makes almost everything in our daily lives easier, and that includes cooking believe it or not.


I use technology in all aspects of my cooking from saving and sharing recipes to keeping track of what I have in my pantry. While I will admit that sometimes technology can make things more difficult, there’s something nice about being able to save a recipe no matter where I am or look up cooking techniques on the laptop I have in my kitchen. 


Some of the tech I use is not necessary for a lot of home cooks. But a lot of it is adaptable if you cook a lot.


Saving and Sharing Recipes


I’m a bit of a mess when it comes to saving recipes, I’ll admit. That’s because I see them in so many places and tend to save them there. I have recipes saved on Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest, but I try to keep my main catalogue of recipes I find in Evernote. Unlike the old school ways of saving recipes (recipe cards, binders, etc.) saving them digitally means I can search quickly and easily for a specific recipe when I think of it. 


This also makes it easy to search by an ingredient. So I I want pasta, for example, I type that in and it filters all of the recipes that have pasta. A digital archive saves me time and energy, which i love.




I use an iPad or my laptop to read recipes in the kitchen. This allows me to look up questions I have or troubleshoot when things go wrong. 




Because of what I do for a living, my pantry is always overcrowded with flours, oils, and other ingredients that I use to test and create recipes. Using an app to keep track of everything has saved me time and money in the kitchen.


Smart Technology


I haven’t embraced a lot of smart tech into my kitchen, only because most of it requires new appliances, etc, which I’m not quite in the market for now. But I use smart lights, and Alexa to set timers. Anything that allows me to work hands free can be a lifesaver when your hands are dirty. 


Most major appliances these days includes smart tech in some way — you can buy an oven that connects to Wi-Fi, a fridge that will keep track of inventory, or dishwashers that you can start with your smartphone. 
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