If you’ve ever grilled fish before, then you know it can go wrong quickly. Once it sticks to the grill, it’s hard to have an enjoyable meal after that.

Luckily, with a single piece of foil, you can avoid all of that. And easily add some veggies all in one to make dinner a breeze.

I’ve made all kinds of foil packs, and the one thing I’ve learned is that seasoning is key to a delicious dinner. Since you don’t get the charring from the hot grill grates, you need to be sure your pack is of seasoning.

In this case, I used two simple things to get amazing flavor — sliced lemons, and an amazing seasoning blend from Ava Jane’s Kitchen, Sayulita Steak and Veg. This bold blend is perfect for the richness of salmon and dresses the veggies well. A drizzle of Ava Jane’s Kitchen Avocado Oil adds a touch more flavor.

For the veggies, I used green beans, baby potatoes, and cherry tomatoes and it turned out delicious. And since everything cooked in a nice little pack, you can customize each pack, and there’s very little cleanup. That’s what I call a dinner win.

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