Freezer Smoothie Prep

freezer bag with fruits and veggies for smoothies
Smoothies are a favorite healthy meal of mine. Mostly because of nutrition, but also because they are EASY to prepare. Throw some healthy ingredients in a blender and blend. No cooking, no sink full of dishes.
So why make smoothie freezer bags if they are so easy? Well, to make them even easier. But also because, if you are like me, sometimes life gets in the way of healthy eating. I don’t know about you, but I have bought all kinds of produce with every intention of eating/cooking it, only to throw it away because something came up and I didn’t get a chance to eat it. 
Freezing smoothie ingredients ensures that doesn’t happen since everything (minute liquid) goes in the freezer. That way when I can’t eat the spinach or fresh fruit for some reason, I’m not throwing it away when it goes bad. 
And there are just some days when making a smoothie seems exhausting and having the option to dump the bag in the blender, add some liquid and blend is a good thing. It’s saved me from many unhealthy meals. And because all of the ingredients are frozen, you get a creamier, less icy smoothie.
Prepping smoothie freezer bags is easy —put all of the ingredients you’re going to blend into a freezer bag. Fruits, greens, nuts seeds, protein powder, everything. Lay the first prepped bag on a sheet pan flat — try to spread the ingredients into a single layer if possible — this keeps the ingredients separated so you don’t end up with a frozen block that won’t blend. Stack as many bags as you want. Pop in the freezer and freeze.
To use, just dump the bag in your blender, add any liquid you want and blend. That’s it!
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